We work closely with clients – from the executive suite to the front line – to ensure that results are supported and feasible. External stakeholders and customers may be included to capture market and partnership insights and build support for potential client commitments.

Typically, a team will work with one major client at a time, which:

  • Enables us to integrate better with the client
  • Creates a higher stake in success
  • Incorporates delivery partners’ expertise in an efficient way.


Customized Approach

Our approaches address clients’ specific situations and decision-making processes. We include processing time to build consensus to ensure that solutions succeed.

Typically, we lead the research, interview and analytic processes. Alternatively, we can provided facilitation services for clients who can devote the resources to develop the decision-making foundation and model the outcomes.


Client-Centered Pricing

We have developed a service pricing model that bases our fees on clients’ compensation models. This promotes a unified client/consultant team and reduces barriers to long-term working relationships. In some circumstances, we will modify the model to include results-based or equity compensation.

How We Work with You