• Scenario development
  • Corporate and business unit planning
  • Digital health and telehealth planning and implementation
  • Consumer research and consumer-centered program and service planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and divestiture
  • Operational enhancements
  • Implementation plan development



We support existing clients who are implementing plans that we developed with them as well as clients who developed a plan on their own or with another advisor. Support ranges from background coaching to identifying and resolving barriers and assuming project management or interim operational responsibilities.


Employee-Centered Operational Excellence 

We with work with employees to develop an understanding of business success drivers and build operational excellence programs to execute on those priorities. Individual and team contributions continually build employee engagement and intrinsic pride. Clients may choose to align performance with total reward or incentive programs as well.


Culture Development

A company’s culture establishes an environment that supports the success of its strategy. We help clients to:

  • Create a clear future vision and mission that resonates with employees
  • Define key success criteria that apply throughout the enterprise
  • Ensure focus at every level of the organization
  • Align reinforcements such as reviews, compensation, responsiveness to employee needs, intangible benefits and recognition


We integrate capabilities from our four service focuses to meet clients’ needs.


Strategic and Business Planning

We provide position evaluation, planning and competitive effectiveness services such as:

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